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The villa enjoys a dominant position,
gaze dominates the valley floor below that quietly was rolling on sweet hills,
that light sway in the sky until Tresino point where the rock is giving way to the sea,
that sea down there, that sea back there ..

The property extends to approximately 1.5 acres and the home, all made of local stone, reconstructed in full respect of the territory is surrounded by nature foods where the poignant beauty of the place gives charm and ambience of the past.

The entrance is dominated by the majestic gate and two columns on square base, consists of an avenue flanked by olive trees, fig trees and wild plants, a stone wall about a meter from one of the columns and ends in a flower bed with a centuries-old olive tree, the other side of the boulders draw the path. The villa has an area of about 550 mq on three floors, the bottom is about 250 mq, were obtained 5 apartments, furnished with taste and passion, thanks to the details of the owner of the house, each has the name of a stone to recall the importance that this mineral was and is for the man, you can choose the apartment that best suits your needs, the furniture, especially the ceramics in the bathrooms and kitchen reminiscent of the color of stone hence the name. The upper part is an elegant and refined, reminiscent of the old estates of aristocrats once, enhanced by prestige tiles, wooden beams and parquet all expertly assembled by highly specialized labor.

Really lovely and spectacular is the wall built of stones, 100 meters long and four high, which creates a terrace in the upper part of the property devoted to the garden, the fruit trees and vines. The characteristic local winery housed in the wall, and left the living stones even internally, which consists of a kitchen with fireplace "old style", a bathroom and a bedroom. Jewel in the late 1800 is the Peschera (old wash) and the well from which it takes the water after being filtered naturally, relaxing and charming long row of oak trees that form the border in the west of the podere. Panoramic and romantic citrus place on a terrace, which turns its gaze to the sea and the valley below brightening of colors in the evening at sunset. A short distance away there is a barbecue area where you can eat in the garden directly using the external bathrooms obtained in the stone wall. Finally, there is the air, you can not write it, it felt, when you are on site you'll know, and probably whisper here you breathe!

The idea of the owners of the Casale San Pietro is to offer our customers not only an apartment but throughout the property, to provide a service in which the before tourism, there are people, values and seriousness. We will be available for you to spend the holidays in full health, and with a bit of presumption that we will not be disappointed.

Welcome and happy holidays.


Via Provinciale 15A,
contrada San Pietro,
mobile +39 335.6209238
mobile +39 329.2056200
fax 0828.725081

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