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2018-09-11 07:56:23
 David Thomas -

We are direct mandate to providers and facilitators of all types of Bank Guarantee (BG), SBLC for Lease and Purchase. We engage in MTN, PPP programs, MT109, MT799, MT760, Loans, Sale and Lease of Financial Instruments. In addition we have a track record of 100% deliverance rate with the best workable procedures in the Financial Instruments industry. Our providers are very reliable and ready to transact.



We have an excellent relationship with top rated banks in both Europe and Asia, Stock brokers and financial institutions all over the world. Within a short and transparent transaction period we can provide the SBLC/BG for your Heavy/Light project funding.


We look forward to your cooperation as we establish a successful business relationship. Anticipating your inquiry


Email: tekstructuredfinanceltd@gmail. com

Skype: tekstructuredfinanceltd



David Thomas



2018-09-10 21:56:35

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