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Castellabate and Cilento

It is not easy to find a place that manages to combine fun, food, sea and mountains as the Cilento. Castellabate , a precious pearl of this territory that extends from the Gulf of Salerno to that of Policastro.

World heritage.

The thread of the story unfolds Cilento to this day sewing events large and small. Traces, memories, monuments, cultures, paths associated with rich history are now protected thanks to the National Park of Cilento. And thanks to those achieved international recognition recently. The first was in June 1997, which saw the inclusion of Cilento in the prestigious network of biosphere reserves of UNESCO-MAB (where Mab stands for "Man and Biosphere") around the globe (over 80 countries) there are about 350 of these special protected areas, which serve to protect biodiversity and promote development compatible with the nature and culture. So the Cilento Park today, in addition to its precious natural habitats can to preserve those scenarios more right enshrined in the history of man and permeated by its traditions, villages and ancient paths, even if a "patchy" in a more ample to defend and promote. The park, in fact, if young, is seen by many as an instrument of hope and development of Cilento. Second prize in 1998 with its inclusion with the archaeological sites of Paestum, Velia and Vallo di Diano, in the list of World Heritage Sites. This consecration reinforces the value of this "living landscape", recognizing the role of the civilizations that have inhabited and frequented over the millennia. "How natural species also found in these places people contacts, intersections and mergers, the enrichment of DNA" reads the application of the Park, "Cilento takes place the meeting between sea and mountain, west and East, and northern cultures in Africa".


In 1998 it was declared a world heritage of humanity by UNESCO and is included in the list of "More beautiful small town in Italy". Because of its natural and environmental heritage, the sea and the coast of Castellabate are protected marine biology since 1972, representing one of the first examples of the marine park in Europe, then in 2009 was established the protected marine area of Santa Maria di Castellabate.

Castellabate has won several awards such as the Blue Flag 2012 of the Fee, the Green Flag 2012, "4 wings" in blue 2012 and "The Most Beautiful You" by Legambiente and promoter of initiatives such as the "City of bio".

Monuments and interest places

Military architecture: medieval village, coastal towers. Civil architecture: Villa Matarazzo, Palazzo Belmonte, Granite Palace, Palazzo De Angelis, Tower, Village of Saint John, Port of Cats. Churches: Papal Basilica of Santa Maria de Gulia, Sanctuary Santa Maria a Mare, St Mark's Church evangelsita just to mention the most 'important. Archaeological Sites: Landing greek-Roman necropolis natural areas: the coast and hiking, the island of Licosa

Typical food and products

Mpaccati figs, figs with chocolate, 'scauratielli', knuckles, Marinated Anchovies, Anchovy cake, salted anchovies, anchovy mbuttunate, 'Pizza Cilento Acquasale', 'Fusilli Cilento', Zeppole cu'iscuriddi. Famous quotes about Castellabate: "Here you do not die" Joachim Murat during his stay in Castellabate.


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